Image of NJSMCE on radio talk show

The Municipal Chief Executive for New Juaben South, Mr. Isaac Appaw- Gyasi along with the Municipal planning Officer, Madam Iris Dalaba and the Municipal Information Officer, Mr. Collins Akins Akuffo embarked on a significant outreach to some Koforidua based radio station which is include HIFM, Taste FM, Eastern FM and Afeema FM on different dates. The primary objective was to enlighten the public about the various developmental projects accomplished and to sensitize the traders at the Zambrama, Bodey and Zongo market on the resettlement plan of the Assembly. This objective was aimed to foster transparency and promote civic engagement by providing the community with a comprehensive overview of the strides made in the local governance.

Again, the MCE’s visit to the radio station was a proactive step towards promoting transparency, accountability, and community participation in local governance, by reminding traders to start moving their belongings to pave way for the construction o Zambrama, Bodey and Zongo market to begin.

During the broadcast, the MCE highlighted several key projects implemented under his administration, ranging from infrastructure improvements to social welfare initiatives, including road rehabilitation, solution to the drainage system (Nsukwao drain) in the Municipality and the reconstruction of the Koforidua Jackson Park in which it is in its second phase now. He urged the public that, the Jackson Park will be completed soon and it is still under construction. By showcasing these achievements, the MCE sought to demonstrate his commitment in advancing the socio-economic goal of the municipality.

Additionally, a crucial aspect of the radio address was the MCE’s plea to the market women regarding the relocation of the market. Recognizing the necessity for progress and urban development, the MCE appealed to the traders to consider and move to the alternative site provided by the end of February 2024. He stated that the construction of the markets (Zongo, Bodey and Zambrama) will commence on 1st March, 2024. This relocation of the market women was proposed to facilitate the construction of the new markets that would provide modern facilities and better trading opportunities for the vendors and the shop alike.

The MCE’s plea underscored the importance of cooperation and collectives’ action in realizing the municipality’s long-term development goals. He assured the market women of the administration’s support in facilitating a smooth transition to the new location, emphasizing the benefits that the upgraded market would bring to the community. The Municipal Planning Officer, Mad. Iris Dalaba added by assuring the market women that each and every one will be given his or her place of trading after the construction of the market is completed. “If only you registered during the registration period, No one will be denied his or her previous place of trading”. She assured.