To celebrate farmers for their hard work and enormous contribution towards growth and development in the country, the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly on this year’s 38th National Farmers’ Day celebration awarded fifteen (15) farmers for their enormous efforts for the sustainability of food within the municipality and the country at large.

The celebration which was organized by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) in collaboration with the Municipal Assembly under the theme “ACCELERATING AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH VALUE ADDITION” was held at the Agavenya R/C JHS School Park, a suburb of Koforidua on Friday, 25th November, 2022, to show gratitude to the farmers for their sacrifices.

Some of the dignitaries who graced the occasion include, Mr. Henry K. Crentsil the Regional Director of Agric, Mrs. Tharzia Akwetey, the Municipal Director of Agriculture, Chief Supt. Mr. Peter Boateng in-charge of Eastern Regional finance representing the Regional Commander, Hon. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi, the Municipal Chief Executive of the New Juaben South Municipal, Hon. Rapchar Botchway the Presiding Member of New Juaben South Municipal and Mr. Edward Abazing, the Municipal Co-ordinating Director. The Traditional leaders within the Municipality, the Clergy, Heads of Department and Staff of the Assembly, Government Appointees, Assembly members, residents, awardees and the general public were also present.

Addressing the occasion, the Municipal Director of Agriculture, Mrs. Tharzia Akwetey commended the farmers for their hard work, resilience and commitment which has resulted in noteworthy in economic gains to the country. She further explained the ordeal behind the celebration, saying it is a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of our gallant farmers, who have worked tirelessly to en sure that there is enough foods on our table all year round. She continued by saying, farmers are indeed a blessing to humanity and we should continue to honor them.

The theme for this year farmer’s day celebration, “ACCELERATING AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH VALUE ADDITION” is so timely and cannot be over emphasized. She was very optimistic about the theme, saying it borders on issues of foreign exchange earns, food security to a large extend, reduction in post-harvest loses in food production system and value addition which will certainly help reduce food shortage and price hikes, which has been made worse by the global economic crisis which is currently looming over our heads. She further advised the public not to be complaisant or take things for granted when it comes to agricultural development through value addition, because agricultural development is a top on the agenda of the government and is evident in the rollout of several flagship programs in the agricultural sector which is keen at increasing productivity and livestock towards industrialization and job creation.

Rapping up on her speech, Mrs. Tharzia Akwetey, said the New Juaben Municipal Assembly department of agriculture and other implementing agencies are aggressively engaged on the implementation of the flagship programs. She continued by saying the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly has over the years demonstrated significant commitment in the implementation of these programs.

“The New Juaben South office of agriculture is strongly prosecuting the back yard garden agenda, therefore all are entreated to engage in the backyard garden in the Municipality to ensure good nutrition and healthy living and protect the Agricultural sector of the economy.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi in his speech applauded out revered farmers whose toil and hard work put food on our tables every day. He explained that, agriculture is Ghana’s most important economic sector, because it employs more than half of the working population and account for almost half of GDP and export earnings. He indicated in his speech that Farmers day is a day set aside to honor our gallant farmers and fishermen for their efforts in sustain the country and to recognize the vital contributions of a strong Agricultural sector to the economy and the government is also mindful of the fact that agriculture is the driving force of the country’s development and forms the basis of the economy development

The MCE, Hon. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi, said the theme for this year celebration, “ACCELERATING AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH VALUE ADDITION” is very crucial especially in the wake of the current economic difficulties. Notwithstanding this, the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government has embarked on vigorous Agricultural development policies to change the economic fortunes of the country and major policies introduced include Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ), Rearing for Food and Jobs (RFJ), Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD), One District, One Factory (1D1F) and many more.

A 42 year old man, NEINA NGEKINA from Obuotabiri, was adjudged the overall best farmers for the year 2022. The award winners took home, tricycle (which was sponsored by the Member of parliament, Hon. Michael Okyere Baafi, went to the overall best farmer), poly tank, full piece of cloth, wheelbarrow, 1 Tv set, 1 nap sack, 5 cutlasses, 1 wellington booth, One and half wooden print, 3 bottles of weedicides, 1 plastic bowl and one knapsack sprayer.