Hon. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi and his management team in the New Juaben South Municipal Assembly held one-on-one engagement with stakeholders on the 7th of February 2023 at the NJSMA auditorium to discuss on pertinent issues regarding the Secondary City Project of the reconstruction of Zamarama Market which is expected to be fund by World Bank and Government of Ghana..

The MCE stated that the funds for the project is ready and will take off very soon and assured the people that, new temporary sheds will be built at the Zongo market for them, so they can use those structures to sell their goods until the reconstruction of the Zamarama market is completed.

The MCE told the stakeholders that the Assembly would involve them in the process when moving from Zamarama Market to Zongo market. He then stated that there would be registration of the people in the market before they are moved to prevent any future problems. He therefore urged the stakeholders to avail themselves in everything that the Assembly has planned to help complete the project on time.

Platform was given to the stakeholders to ask questions on matters concerning the Project. Some of the questions that came onboard were about; the registration of stores in the market, appropriate allocation of stores, security and funding and the appropriate location of the market. The stakeholders told the MCE to at least give them about a month or more notice before they are being moved to make them prepare themselves. The MCE in his intelligence and patience gave well explained and understandable answers to all questions that were asked. Concerning registration matters, the MCE cautioned all stakeholders to make sure they do all needed registrations for their stores so as to validate their ownership to the stores and there would be provision of proof of registration which would serve as an assurance to reclaim their stores in the new market (Zamarama market).

Again he expounded that stores would definitely be given to the rightful owners and also stated that he will make sure the amount which will be needed to pay for the stores will be affordable for everyone.

Finally, he assured all stakeholders not to worry about security and inconveniences concerning the stores as his contractors and planners would take them all into consideration. He also told them that notice would be given to them before they are being moved. He urged everyone to do their rightful duty for the betterment of the New Juaben South Municipality.