Management of New Juaben South Municipal Assembly under the leadership of the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi with the Municipal Coordinating director, Mr. Edward Abazing on Monday, April 4, 2023 presented items such as; bags of rice, sugar, cartons of milo, Lipton among others to the leadership of Zongo communities in Koforidua-Eastern Regional capital to support and grace the observance of the 2023 Ramadan.

Ramadan, which is ninth month on the Islamic calendar, is observed by Muslims through 30 days fasting and prayer with the believe that, is the period Allah revealed the holy Quran to Prophet Mohammed.

According to the Chief Executive, Mr. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi, “management of the Assembly through His able leadership, President Akufo-Addo in every year does support Muslims of within the Municipality with assorted items in their 30 days fasting (Ramadan)”

Mr. Isaac Appaw-Gyasi continued by saying, this initiative is to seek for prayer from the Muslim community for the country and ask for the mercies of Allah onto the country. He also used the opportunity to call for togetherness among the religious bodies within the Municipality and the country as a whole.

“My hard work and dedication to the Zongo community has earned me the name Dzisong Naa of Dagombas which in the Akan language means ‘Asetenapa Hene’. Therefore I will continue to seek for better development for the Zongo and as well the Muslim community for the rest of my tenure in power.” He said. The Regional Chief Imam, Alhaji Suleiman Yussif Hamdani thanked management of the Assembly for the items given to the Chiefs, Imams and other leaders of the Zongo community. He also prayed for Allah guidance and support to Chief Executive and the traditional leaders who steers the affairs of enhancing social and economic growth of the Municipality not forgetting the officials of the state, especially to President Akufo-Addo for maintaining peace and development in the country Ghana large.